Border Caring Services

Care & Support at Home

We provide high quality care and support services to clients with diverse needs who are living in their own homes.Care

Before a service begins, one of our staff will visit to discuss the person's needs and agree a care/support plan with them and, if wished, their family or friends. The plan will be individually tailored to meet the clients specific needs and wishes.

If an individual is already receiving care under an agreed plan which was arranged between themselves and another local agency (e.g. The Council's Social Services Department or Local Health Services) we will follow that plan accordingly. This situation might arise if the client has chosen to organise their care through the Direct Payment system.

We pride ourselves in being flexible and adaptable to changing needs. All plans are regularly reviewed with the client and, if appropriate, their family and friends. In life our circumstances often change and any plan must be flexible to take those changes on board. We will therefore revise the plan in line with a person's changing preferences or lifestyle.

We know it is important  to work collaboratively with everyone in the client's circle of support. This includes, with agreement, family members who have a wealth of knowledge and understanding of the individual which can be shared with us to ensure we provide appropriate and consistent care and support.

Our services are available for periods ranging from one hour a week to 24 hours, seven days a week.