Border Caring Services

Domestic Services


When providing care and support to clients, staff are often doing domestic tasks like washing, ironing, cooking, cleaning, shopping etc.

Over the last few years we have recognised that keeping a house tidy and comfy can be very important to someone who might not be able to do all the chores previously done and needed to keep their house in the way they like it. This can be really important to a person's wellbeing - just to know that because everything is "in its right place" then all is really well within their world. We are concerned about a person's need to have a good life in their own home - talk to us on how this can be achieved with a bit of extra support.

 Over the last few years we have refined this service so that whilst a client may not need any personal care or emotional support they may well benefit from some additional help around the house.

The staff delivering this service can be very flexible and will fit into the person's lifestyle.

This service can be accessed privately on an hourly fee-paying basis.